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Costs of Preventing Beaufort, SC Rear-End Crashes

In Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head, there are many types of motor vehicle accidents that endanger drivers or that lead to fatalities. One of the most common types of collisions is a rear-end accident. Personal injury lawyers in Beaufort, SC know that rear-end accidents are usually considered the fault of the driver who is in…

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How Dangerous Are the Roads for Beaufort Teen Drivers?

Motor vehicle accidents are common in The Bluff, the Point, the Northwest Quadrant and other areas throughout Beaufort, SC and the rest of the state. Teens are often the ones who lose their lives or suffer injury. Just this December, a 19-year-old South Carolina student lost her life in a motor vehicle collision, which also…

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Hilton Head Drivers Need to Avoid Thanksgiving Collision Dangers

Thanksgiving is the third-most dangerous holiday for drivers in the United States. According to USA Today, only Memorial Day and Independence day have a higher number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities than the Thanksgiving holiday.¬† A personal injury lawyer knows many people travel long distances for Thanksgiving, so there are generally more drivers on the…

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Beaufort Kids & Risk of Dangerous Toys

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means that many children will begin receiving gifts. Starting at Halloween and moving into winter holidays, kids frequently get new toys from friends, relatives and loved ones. While these new toys can present lots of excitement for kids, there is also a risk that some of these new…

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Keeping Beaufort Kids Safe From Summer Injury

Parents should be aware that summer is a time when many kids suffer injuries. Kids could be hurt or even killed because they spend more time playing outside during the summer and are at greater risk of a bicycle accident or a pedestrian collision. Kids also face the risk of being left inside of a…

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