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Guide to Reporting a Beaufort Auto Accident

A car accident is frightening. In the aftermath of a crash, you need to know how to make a proper report so you can make sure you take advantage of all available insurance coverage.  How to Report a Beaufort Auto Accident These tips will help you to be more prepared to report a South Carolina…

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Most Work Zone Accidents are Rear-End Collisions

Road construction work helps maintain important infrastructure. But such construction interrupts normal driving patterns and creates a serious risk of collisions. Recently, Federal Highway Administration data demonstrated some of the dangers created when drivers fail to exercise reasonable care in work zones. In the past five years, 4,400 people have died in collisions in work zones. A driver…

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Risk of Beaufort Rear-End Crashes By Time of Day

Within Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton and throughout the United States, about 29 percent of all auto collisions that cause injury occur when one driver hits the rear of another vehicle. More than 1.8 million rear-end accidents happen annually according to Inside Science, and these crashes can have devastating consequences.  Motorcycle riders are among the motorists at…

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Beaufort Bicycle Safety in Summer a Concern

Bicycle safety is a big issue for bike riders and drivers throughout Beaufort, Hilton Head and Bluffton. A personal injury lawyer knows that the spring and summer are the seasons when the most riders are on the road. This means the risk of a bike collision goes up. Drivers need to be aware that they…

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Costs of Preventing Beaufort, SC Rear-End Crashes

In Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head, there are many types of motor vehicle accidents that endanger drivers or that lead to fatalities. One of the most common types of collisions is a rear-end accident. Personal injury lawyers in Beaufort, SC know that rear-end accidents are usually considered the fault of the driver who is in…

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