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Sharp Rise in Car Accidents Has Safety Advocates Worried

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated the United States is in a crisis situation when it comes to road safety. The problem: the number of car accident fatalities has risen sharply for the second year in a row, according to Reuters. The increase in auto accident fatalities over the past two years has been…

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Avoiding Hilton Head Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween

Nearly 90 percent of kids do Halloween activities and 73 percent of those opt to go trick-or-treating, according to Safe Kids.  Unfortunately, children who go trick-or-treating can be at risk of Halloween pedestrian accidents.  Whether you are going trick-or-treating with your children or allowing them to head out on their own on Halloween night, it…

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DUI Car Accidents Increasingly Resulting in Lawsuits Against South Carolina Bars

Car accidents caused by impaired drivers are preventable, which makes them especially tragic if victims suffer serious injuries or deaths. Drivers could have avoided the accidents by not getting drunk. These drivers can be held accountable for the consequences of their choice to get behind the wheel impaired. Victims and family members of drunk driving…

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Five Tips to Avoid Getting Rear-Ended

After a recent, deadly accident, WYFF4 reported a a South Carolina state trooper said that most collisions in the area are fender benders and/or rear-end accidents which happen when people aren’t paying attention.  Rear-end accidents are very common on South Carolina roads, and those accidents endanger motorists. Usually, it is the rear driver who is to…

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Proposed Bill Would Make South Carolina Child Seats Safer

Young children can face significant risks in motor vehicle accidents if they are not properly restrained. There are already laws in place in South Carolina imposing certain requirements for using equipment aimed at keeping young children safe in the event of car accidents.  Some lawmakers, however, do not believe the current roles go far enough…

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