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One year after a deadly New York limo crash, what are regulators doing to protect passengers?

In 2018, we discussed the tragic Upstate New York limousine crash that killed 18 vehicle occupants, as well as two pedestrians. The crash occurred when the 2001 Ford Excursion stretch limo failed to come to a stop at a stop sign and crashed into two pedestrians, as well as a parked vehicle. This catastrophe was...

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AAA: ‘Infotainment’ systems’ design forces older drivers to take eyes off road too long

Take your eyes off the road for two seconds to tune the radio or check the GPS and you double the risk of a crash. For older drivers, device distractions can increase this danger. That’s because when it comes to navigating in-vehicle infotainment systems, older drivers removed their attention from the road over eight seconds...

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US Crash Fatalities Since 2000 Exceed American Military Deaths from Both World Wars

It's becoming common knowledge that crash-related deaths across the United States are stubbornly high. In recent years, the estimated number of traffic fatalities has hovered around 40,000, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). A recent article in the Washington Post looks at traffic fatalities in the U.S. from a different — and sobering — perspective. According...

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‘Cruel irony’ endangers emergency crews as drivers get

Between January and early April 2019, 16 emergency responders were stuck and killed by vehicles as they dealt with a crash or car fire. This comes at a time when a survey shows over 70 percent of U.S. drivers take photos or videos when they see emergency vehicles on the road. The National Safety Council...

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South Carolina Attorneys Offer the Best Ideas to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

For many South Carolina motorcyclists, riding is more than just a mode of transportation - it’s a way of life. Motorcyclists put their lives on the line every time they take to the open road, however, and the greatest danger they face is driver error. Most importantly, drivers should look out for motorcycles, especially when...

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The Best Ideas to Avoid Dooring Collisions

Not all car-bicycle crashes occur when a motorist is driving. Bicyclists can be severely injured even when a car is parked. How is this possible? When a driver or passenger opens a car door without first checking for oncoming traffic, "doorings" can occur. For bicyclists, they come with little warning and almost no time to...

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South Carolina Attorneys on Best Ideas to Avoid Pedestrian Injuries

Earlier this year, a national traffic safety non-profit ranked all fifty U.S. states from safest to most dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. South Carolina’s ranking on the list left serious room for improvement The report, released in February by the Governors Highway Safety Association, ranked the Palmetto State as the sixth most dangerous state for...

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The Best Ideas to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in South Carolina

Cameras, radar and algorithms are among technology that may reduce pedestrian accidents, according to researchers. Nine of 11 small SUVs scored an advanced or superior rating for their use of technology that may reduce pedestrian accidents in the form of automatic systems that can detect and brake for people out walking or bicycling. That’s according...

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Recovering from Broken Bones After a Car Accident Takes Time

You often hear a car accident victim in South Carolina was “lucky” to have “only” suffered broken bones in a crash. While it is true broken bones rarely endanger a person’s life, they commonly take four to six weeks to heal, and weakness may persist. Some terms relating to broken bones include: Simple: Bone broken...

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South Carolina Attorneys Discuss SUVs and Rollover Accidents

SUVs and pickups are growing in popularity and have overtaken passenger cars in recent years. In fact, preliminary numbers list SUVs or pickups as occupying over half of the 25 best-selling vehicles of 2018. With the rising sales of these larger vehicles, there has also been a rising concern about their safety, especially in the...

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