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Tourists Must Try to Avoid Hilton Head Summer Motorcycle Accidents

Hilton Head auto accident attorneysSummer is a popular time for tourists to visit Hilton Head South Carolina. The tourist season means more cars on the road driven by people unfamiliar with local roadways. This influx of traffic can put motorcycle riders at substantial risk of serious injuries or even fatalities.

Motorcycle accidents can, and should, be prevented with careful driving on the part of both motorcycle riders and the drivers of passenger vehicles.

When anyone falls short, whether it is a motorcycle driver or someone in a car, victims injured as a result of the accident may be entitled to receive compensation for crash damages.

Avoiding Summer Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Hilton Head

Motorcycle accident deaths surged 10 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to Governors' Highway Safety Association. Rising numbers of people are being killed in motorcycle collisions, in part because of a decline in gas prices and an improvement in the overall economy. More money in people's pockets and lower gas prices mean more miles driven- and more people on vacation in places like Hilton Head.

When tourists do not know where they are going on local roads, they may be distracted while entering addresses into GPS devices or trying to use their phone's navigation system. Tourists may not know the local speed limit, could be distracted by scenery, and may not know where the dangerous intersections are. All of this can add up to a recipe for disaster for motorcycle riders, who are more vulnerable to accidents because they are smaller and harder to see than cars.

Many cyclists come to Hilton Head from out of town in order to enjoy the warm outdoor air and ocean breezes the area has to offer, and these tourists could be at risk if they find themselves in the path of cars not paying careful attention to where they are going.

It is every person's responsibility to try to avoid motorcycle accidents, including the responsibility of tourists visiting Hilton Head. Whether you live local or are only in the area for a short time, you need to be cautious both when you are in your car and if you are on a motorcycle.

Being cautious and trying to avoid motorcycle accidents means looking carefully to check for motorcycle riders before turning or changing lanes. It also means staying focused on the road, not on a GPS or map, and driving only when sober and alert.

If you're fatigued or intoxicated, you should not be behind the wheel. When driving, be sure to leave motorcycle riders plenty of space and be sure to drive at a speed which is safe for current road conditions so you do not exacerbate the danger motorcycle riders face on Hilton Head's crowded streets in the busy summer season.

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