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Recovering from Broken Bones After a Car Accident Takes Time

Hilton Head auto accident attorneysYou often hear a car accident victim in South Carolina was “lucky” to have “only” suffered broken bones in a crash. While it is true broken bones rarely endanger a person’s life, they commonly take four to six weeks to heal, and weakness may persist.

Some terms relating to broken bones include:

  • Simple: Bone broken in one place.
  • Closed: Skin not pierced.
  • Comminuted: Bone has three or more fragments.
  • Open or Compound: Skin pierced, exposing broken bone.
  • Oblique: Break angled across long axis of the bone.
  • Undisplaced or Stable: Broken bone pieces aligned.
  • Displaced: Broken bone pieces not aligned.

What bones are you most likely to break in a car accident?

  • Leg (tibia, fibula, femur): Caused when car crumples or during high-impact crashes.
  • Arm or wrist: Often occurs when victim tries to brace for impact.
  • Rib and clavicle: Often caused by airbag or seatbelt. Can mean safety devices are working by preventing more serious injury.
  • Hip: Related to force of impact and positioning of victim.
  • Pelvis: Most likely to occur in motorcycle crashes.
  • Face and skull: When a victim is thrown into the windshield because they were not wearing a seat belt.
  • Back (fractured disks): Common in head-on and rear-impact crashes.

Heal Yourself Physically and Financially

Even the simplest of fractures can have a devastating impact on your life. A broken wrist is a hardship for a computer programmer in Beaufort who must type as part of their job, while a broken arm can prevent someone in manufacturing in Hilton Head from operating machinery. If you require rehabilitation or physical therapy, the recovery can last months. In the meantime, you are unable to support your family, pay your bills or enjoy your regular lifestyle in Bluffton.

If you have suffered broken bones in a South Carolina personal injury car accident, you are entitled to monetary damages for the cost of both short-term and long-term medical treatment. You also are entitled to compensation for your lost wages, as well as for out-of-pocket expenses, and pain and suffering.

Knowing that you are desperate as the bills pile up, an insurance company likely will pressure you into accepting a financial settlement that is far short of what you need or deserve. They want you to give up your rights in exchange for a “quick fix” that you will later regret.

Don’t be tempted. Instead, protect your rights by contacting the South Carolina personal injury lawyers at Twenge + Twombley Law Firm. They have experience handling cases just like yours in Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton and throughout the state’s Lowcountry. They take pride in their reputation as a small law firm that delivers big results by aggressively pursuing justice on your behalf. Contact them today for a free consultation.

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