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Crossing the Center Line Can Result in Deadly Hilton Head Accidents

Car accident attorneysDrivers are expected to stay in their own lanes when using the road. Crossing over into another lane can cause accidents, especially when a driver crosses a double yellow line into oncoming traffic. There are lots of different reasons a driver might stray from their lane, and when they do, car accidents can occur that could be fatal.

Drivers Leaving Their Lane Can Cause Deadly Car Accidents

The Island Packet's recent report on a deadly crash illustrates how grave the consequences can be when a driver leaves his lane. The accident happened on the bridge leading to Hilton Head Island at around 5:00 PM. There were three vehicles involved in the accident. One of the cars, a Subaru, reportedly crossed over the center line, according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. The Subaru was heading west when it crossed the line, hitting both a Honda van and a Ford van.

The driver of the Subaru, who was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident, was killed in the accident. Three people in the Honda van sustained injuries and were hospitalized. No one traveling in the Ford van was badly hurt enough to need treatment at the hospital. An investigation by the Highway Patrol revealed the driver of the Subaru was at fault for the accident, and because she was killed, no charges were filed in the incident.

Those who sustained injuries in the accident can still pursue a civil case, even though the driver who caused the accident is deceased. The driver's insurer should cover their injuries and losses.

Unfortunately, accidents like this one are far too common and often have fatal consequences. Drivers need to make certain they are avoiding behaviors which could cause them to travel outside of the lane they are supposed to be in.  Some of the most common reasons for drivers to veer from their lane include:

  • Intoxication: Drivers who are drunk can have difficulty staying in their own lane. Weaving is one of the characteristic signs signaling law enforcement that a driver is drunk.
  • Distraction: When drivers take their focus off the road and are looking at their phones or other electronic devices, they may stray out of their lane.
  • Reaching for items in the car: Drivers who lean over to reach for items in the car often end up swerving outside of their lane.
  • Eating and driving: While focused on consuming food and using their hands to eat, drivers can veer out of their lane.
  • Drowsiness: A driver who is falling asleep may have difficulty holding his or her lane.

If a driver departs his lane, the motorist will usually be considered liable for any accident which results from his actions.

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