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Little Progress Made Reducing South Carolina Accident Risks

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The South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s Target Zero plan aims to eliminate traffic fatalities. However, since early 2018, little progress has been made in reducing the risks on South Carolina roads. In fact, by some measures, motorists are facing historic risks.

Charleston and Greenville continue to be the most dangerous areas for traffic collisions. Similarly, Hilton Head continues to have a high level of road risks.

Even in northern South Carolina, authorities are struggling to improve road safety to any measurable degree. Since the start of last year, nearly 100 motorists have been killed on the roads of York, Lancaster and Chester counties, according to the Herald Online.

Causes of Car Accidents in South Carolina

Unfortunately, state statistics show we are making little progress in the fight to reduce road deaths. Through late August 2018, 599 fatal accidents had been reported on South Carolina roads, one more than the 598 reported through the same period last year. Just six fewer people had been killed, 643 this year, compared to 649 in 2017.

Statewide, SCDOT reports someone is killed in a traffic accident every eight hours and injured about every 8 minutes. There is a traffic collision reported every 4 minutes in the state. Speeding and failure to yield were responsible for the majority of serious and fatal traffic collisions. Other primary threats include distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and teen drivers, who are blamed for causing a fatal or injury accident daily.

Personal Injury Claims and S.C. Car Accidents

It’s clear the majority of these accidents are actually caused by preventable errors or negligence. South Carolina tort law allows an injured party to pursue a negligence claim in cases where a defendant breached a duty of care and compensable injuries resulted.

We can all do our part to improve road safety. Practicing safe, responsible driving will reduce your chances of being involved in an accident, while also making it less likely you will be found financially responsible for damages in the event of a crash. However, you can only control yourself; even the most responsible motorist is only as safe as the least safe driver sharing the road.

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