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Guide to Reporting a Beaufort Auto Accident

Car accident attorneysA car accident is frightening. In the aftermath of a crash, you need to know how to make a proper report so you can make sure you take advantage of all available insurance coverage.

How to Report a Beaufort Auto Accident

These tips will help you to be more prepared to report a South Carolina auto accident so you can protect your rights and maximize the chances of receiving full insurance benefits:

  • Know your coverage. You should understand what types of insurance coverage you have after a crash. South Carolina requires liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage only. If you've only bought minimum coverage, you'll get insurance compensation only if you were hurt as a result of another driver's actions. Your insurer will pay out if you hurt someone else, or will pay for your losses if an uninsured motorist causes a crash that harms you. If you've bought optional types of coverage like collision coverage, your insurer may pay you in a broader array of situations, including when you were to blame for the accident.
  • Call the police. Reporting a car accident to the police is a key first step to protecting your interests. The police can prepare a report of what they believe happened and the police may issue citations if either driver is suspected of breaking the rules of the road. You may need police report evidence to show the other driver should pay your damages.
  • Call your insurer. Your insurance card should be in the car with you and should have the telephone number to call. The sooner you can reach out to your insurer, the better. Ideally, call right from the scene of the crash. You'll find out if there's a specific place to take your vehicle for repairs or if you have any kind of coverage for a rental car while you wait to get your own vehicle back.
  • Get details about the other insurer. It is each driver's responsibility to alert their own insurer to get a claim for damages and losses started. If the other driver fails to report the accident, however, you may have to get in touch with their insurer and let them know you'll be pursuing a damage claim. Dealing with insurance companies is best done by an experience Beaufort personal injury attorney.
  • Keep records. Write down what you say to the insurance company, so you can remember exactly what happened at the time of the crash. Inconsistent stories could be used by insurers against you.  You should be careful, in general, what you say to an insurance company that is decidedly more focused on its profits than on your losses.

Following these steps can help you to ensure you have correctly reported your car accident and that you are taking necessary steps to try to get the compensation you need and deserve for crash losses. Getting legal help is often advisable when you are involved in a collision as an auto accident attorney can guide you through reporting the crash and making a claim for damages.

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