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Risk of Beaufort Rear-End Crashes By Time of Day

Car accident attorneysWithin Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton and throughout the United States, about 29 percent of all auto collisions that cause injury occur when one driver hits the rear of another vehicle. More than 1.8 million rear-end accidents happen annually according to Inside Science, and these crashes can have devastating consequences. <

Motorcycle riders are among the motorists at serious risk of death or injury due to rear-end accidents. According to the Los Angeles Times, around 3.5 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur in rear-end crashes. However, rear-end accidents also cause almost five percent of all motor vehicle accident deaths and result in $8.5 million in losses due to back and neck injuries annually.

Victims of these accidents need to talk to a rear-end accident lawyer for help getting compensation. Drivers also need to understand the relative risks associated with rear-end accidents so they can be prepared and try to protect themselves from loss and damage.

Rear-End Accident Risks at Night Versus During the Day

The University of Iowa published a report on rear-end accident risks, taking a close look at the difference between the rates of crashes during the day and at night.

The majority of rear-end accidents happen on straight roads during daylight hours. Many of these accidents happen when the weather is fine and when there is nothing impeding visibility. The most common reason for the crashes is a driver who isn't paying attention. Drivers tailgating or following behind too closely is the second most common reason why rear-end accidents happen on straight roads during the day.

Looking at the data, many motorists may conclude that drivers during the day are more likely to be distracted or tailgate in a way that causes danger. After all, this would explain why more rear-end accidents happen in daylight hours.

However, the University of Iowa researchers suggest that this may be the wrong conclusion to come to. The biggest risk may be night-time rear end accidents, which are more likely to be fatal. The relative chances of dying in a a night rear-end accident are actually twice the chances of dying in a daytime rear-end crash.

How can this discrepancy be explained? By looking at traffic density. Rear-end accidents on straight roads during the day are more likely to happen because there's simply more people on the roads for a driver to hit during the day. At night, when the traffic density is lower, a driver who may be distracted is not necessarily going to be as likely to rear-end another car because there's a good chance there won't be another vehicle on the road to rear-end. In the day, when the roads are more crowded, it is much more likely that a vehicle will be in the path of a distracted driver. Motorists need to be aware that rear-end accidents can happen any time and should try to make smart choices to reduce their own chances of getting hurt.

A Beaufort South Carolina personal injury attorney can help if you've been injured or a loved one was killed in an accident. Contact Twenge + Twombley today at 866-452-6315 for a free case consultation. 

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