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Reckless Driving Lawyers in Beaufort, SC - Experienced, Knowledgeable Attorneys Focused on Results

Reckless driving is among the most common causes of car accidents in South Carolina. In many instances, such car accidents are also among the most serious.

The following are scenarios of reckless driving accidents in South Carolina:

  • You're returning from a vacation on Hilton Head Island when a driver runs a red light and crashes into the side of your vehicle at high speeds.
  • A drunk or distracted driver crosses the center median on Ribaut Road in Beaufort and hits your vehicle head-on.
  • An aggressive driver cuts you off on Boundary Street in Beaufort, causing you to experience a rollover accident.

At Twenge + Twombley, our reckless driving lawyers know how difficult life can become after any type of accident. If another driver's careless behavior resulted in your injuries or the injuries or death of a loved one, you can take a strong stand to protect your rights. Our experience shows us that even seemingly minor accidents involving reckless drivers can lead to painful injuries, hospital bills and lost wages. We want to help make things right. Don't hesitate to contact Twenge + Twombley today to discuss your case. Call 866-452-6315 or complete our online contact form today.

What is reckless driving?

It can be difficult proving fault in a reckless driving accident in South Carolina. That's because what some people think of as normal driving behavior others might consider to be reckless or careless. South Carolina has no state laws on the books to prevent drivers from texting while driving. In some instances, somebody might drive recklessly most of the time and consider it to be normal driving behavior. The following are a few examples of reckless driving:

  • Speeding
  • Running traffic signals
  • Tailgating
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Failing to yield
  • Texting while driving
  • Drunk driving

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At Twenge + Twombley, we don't think it should be difficult to talk to a lawyer. We want to make getting justice an easy process. We understand that your recovery can be very difficult. When you contact us, we think you'll find out right away how much we enjoy helping people. We know you're probably going through one of the hardest times of your life. No matter your legal concern, our attorneys are ready to answer your questions. We work one-on-one with each client represented by our firm. As a small law firm, we take the time to build the most solid and successful legal strategy on your behalf.

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