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What Happens to Your Body in a Car Wreck? South Carolina Attorneys Discuss

No matter how responsible of a driver you may be, all it takes is one irresponsible driver to cause a serious accident in South Carolina. A distracted driver can cause a head-on collision. An aggressive driver can sideswipe you on a multi-lane road – causing you to crash. An impaired driver could cut you off...

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The Dangers Limousine Accidents Pose To Passengers

We see them at almost every wedding, prom, political event and special celebration in greater Beaufort. Limousines, each carrying up to 20 passengers to the event. Limo accidents are usually rare, but when they do occur, they can result in passengers and other road users sustaining severe and potentially fatal injuries. If you are the...

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Fatal Traffic Accidents High In South Carolina Despite New Technology

Fatal accidents have been rising at a staggering rate in the U.S., with the death toll averaging around 40,000 per year from 2015 to 2017. So far, 2018’s numbers aren’t much better. Insurance Journal reports that from January through June, the U.S. has already seen 18,720 traffic fatalities.   Meanwhile, the automotive industry has been introducing safety technology designed to help...

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Little Progress Made Reducing South Carolina Accident Risks

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s Target Zero plan aims to eliminate traffic fatalities. However, since early 2018, little progress has been made in reducing the risks on South Carolina roads. In fact, by some measures, motorists are facing historic risks. Charleston and Greenville continue to be the most dangerous areas for traffic collisions....

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The Most Dangerous Roads in South Carolina

What's one of the most dangerous roads in the United States? South Carolina’s Highway 17 is right near the top of the list, ranked fourth most dangerous nationwide, according to Skyscanner. This beautiful road winds its way through dense forests. But hills, frequent turns, and blind curves make it extremely dangerous for motorists. In rural...

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Essure Birth Control Device Injuries Prompt Lawsuits, Legal Action

Experienced South Carolina product liability lawyers explain your rights Injuries caused by Essure birth control devices prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to place restrictions on the sale and distribution of Essure in 2018. Soon after, Essure’s manufacturer, Bayer AG, announced it would stop selling and distributing Essure devices in the United States...

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Roundabouts May Prevent Serious Accidents in South Carolina

The Post and Courier recently reported on the increasing number of roundabouts in South Carolina, despite ongoing opposition. The first roundabout in South Carolina was built on Hilton Head Island some 20 years ago, when there were fewer than 200 roundabouts nationwide. Today there are more than 3,200 nationwide and dozens in South Carolina. The...

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South Carolina Traffic Accident Risks Highest in Nation

South Carolina roads are some of the nation’s deadliest, and the problem is not getting any better. As the Independent Mail reported, “High numbers of fatalities on Upstate roads are fast becoming the norm in a state known for high numbers of traffic fatalities.” Last year, South Carolina was the deadliest state by a wide...

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Distracted Driving in Hilton Head Endangers All Road Users

There are many ways in which Hilton Head drivers can become distracted from the road ahead of them. The tourism industry brings many visitors to the area, and these unfamiliar drivers often become distracted by navigation systems or attempts to familiarize themselves with the area. Food and drink have long been a temptation that many...

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Drowsy Driving May Be a Greater Risk to Hilton Head Drivers Than Previously Known

Traffic accidents caused by drowsy driving are a very real threat to the safety of Hilton Head road users. Historically, the problem hasn't been studied as widely as other roadway risks and the lack of evidence can make it difficult to determine the pervasiveness of the problem. However, new research indicates that drowsy driving may...

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